Staff Members
The Garbers

Meet the Garber Family, the folks who keep Kraut Creek Pastures up and running!  Jason is the head of it all.  When we moved to this 30 acre farm back in 2008, he was thrilled to have a small farm with a creek running right through the middle of it.  That creek gets in the way at times, but he's still thrilled to live on the farm. Now?  Our pasture operation has grown to 150 grazable acres in 3 locations. It now produces 100% Grassfed Beef, 100% Grassfed Lamb, Non-GMO Pastured Pork, Non-GMO Pastured Chicken & Eggs, as well as a commercial sheep flock.

I am Jody, Jason's wife.  I don't spend an abundance of time in the pasture, unless it's time to build another fence, or wean lambs, or move animals around.  My main job is to take care of the house, the garden, and our five children.

Addie is our oldest daughter.   She does her fair share (more than her fair share if you ask her) to help keep the farm up and running.  She is an amazing worker and when not in school spends hours working in the pasture.  She also works with Jack in milking our family goats...not a small feat to keep those things milking in the heat of the summer! 

Will is our oldest son.  He and Rainey are the chicken farmers...making sure all is well with them and gathering the eggs.  He is full of energy and keeps us all on our toes!  He's our go-to guy when something needs organized or cleaned up as he has an amazing skill in that department.

Rainey is our third child.  She helps Will with the chickens and adds quite a bit of spice to our family!  She and Will also take care of the orphan lambs in the barn and make sure their share of the rabbits have water!  Life isn't a bed of roses on the farm and she is quite sure that she will NOT be marrying a farmer.  :)  

Jack comes next.  He isn't so fond of chores, but does his fair share of the goat milking and the rabbits!  He'd much rather be riding bike or tagging along with Jason in the pasture.  And....he's taking a real liking to cooking so he can often be found helping out in the kitchen...something that I, mom, don't mind at all!

Our fifth child, Ty, is the 'baby' of the family.  He feeds all the rabbits and feeds and waters the dogs.  He firmly believes that chores are a waste of time, but still leaps out of bed at 6am every morning to do his part in the barn!  He also thinks it's his personal responsibility to keep tabs on all that his siblings are doing and reports often to the house.  :)  

So that's our year round staff.  Two adults and five children.  What a blessing it is for us to be able to work together on our small farm!!