Pork Cuts

Non-GMO Red Wattle Pork raised outdoors either on pasture or deep bedded pens in winter.


Babyback Ribs                                     7.99/lb.

Bacon  (No Nitrates/Nitrites)                 6.49/lb

Boneless Pork Chop                              8.99/lb. 

Fresh Ham Roast                                  6.99/lb.

Fresh Side (uncured, unsmoked bacon)  5.49/lb.

Ground Pork (unseasoned)                    5.99/lb.  SOLD OUT

Ground Ham (Nitrate free cured and smoked)  6.99/lb.

Ham Slice   (Nitrate free cured and smoked)   6.99/lb.

Ham Roast (Nitrate free cured and smoked)   6.99/lb.

Heart                                                4.50/lb.

Lard (1 qt. containers)                        4.49/lb.

Loin Roast                                      8.99/lb.

Pork Chop                                       7.99/lb.

Porterhouse Pork Chop                     8.99/lb.  SOLD OUT


       Bulk (salt & pepper)                  5.99/lb.

       Bulk (Breakfast Seasoning)        5.99/lb.

       Bulk (Italian Seasoning)             5.99/lb.

       Sausage Coils (Salt & Pepper)     6.49/lb.

       Breakfast Sausage Links             6.49/lb.

       Breakfast Sausage Patties          6.49/lb.

       Italian Brats                              6.49/lb.

Shoulder Roast                                 6.99/lb.

Spare Ribs                                       5.99/lb.

Tenderloin (Catfish)                        10.99/lb.




Whole and Half hogs are available for purchase occasionally. They are delivered to The Butcher Block and Smokehouse for slaughter and processing. A cut sheet can be obtained from their website www.thebutcherblockandsmokehouse.com and filled out according to how you would want the hog processed. 

Contact Jason for pricing and availability: Jason@krautcreek.com