Consulting & Farm Visits

Farm Visits:

   Farm visits are no cost to current customers and CSA members. There is a fee schedule below for those that are not current customers or CSA members.


   We seem to never have an "idle" moment here at Kraut Creek Pastures, and at the same time have an increased interest in our practices from other farmers/ranchers. We have devoted a large amount of time, expense, and travel to get to where we are today with our pasture operation. We are more than willing to share with others as the opportunity arises, but feel that we need to be compensated for the time and effort that we have put forth.

Resources either visited or consulted with:

  • Greg Judy - Green Pastures Farm
  • Polyface Farm (Joel Salatin)
  • Grassfed Exchange Conferences
  • Jim Gerrish - American Grazingland Services
  • Luke Linnenbringer
  • Numerous Ohio Sheep Improvement Association functions
  • OSU meat lab
  • Powerflex Fence
  • Numerous Pasture publications and books
  • American Grassfed Association member
  • Ohio Sheep Improvement Association member


Consulting Fees:

  • Phone:         $100/hr. - $50 minimum.  (Email or call to set up time.)
  • Farm Visit:   $150/hr. - $100 minimum. (Email or call to set up time.)