About Our Pork

We consider our Kraut Creek All Natural Pork to be second to none. The hogs are either pastured or are in deep bedded pens depending on the season and weather patterns. When pastured, they forage as God created them to do and are fed a premium Non-GMO feed at all times. Our heritage breed Red Wattle hogs thrive in the outdoors, and just seem to amaze us all the way to the fork. With no marinades of any kind the tenderness of the meat is such a contrast to the commercial pork that America has become accustomed to. Our well marbled shoulder cuts are beyond satisfying for any pulled pork dish. The hams and bacons are cured and smoked without the use of sodium nitrate. And the pork chops, well lets just say it like this.......over a wood fired grill they are succulent and full of "old world" pork flavor......and forget the knife, because your fork has it covered. But as always, don't take our word for it. Try it for your self, and let your taste buds make the call.