About Our Chicken

Here at Kraut Creek we have started raising a newer breed of chickens....the Robust Whites.  Robust Whites are a cross between the Cornish Cross and a heritage breed...exactly what we have been wanting for years!   

All our birds are started in a very large water tank with a heat lamp and are put out on pasture at just a few weeks old.  Once on pasture the work is multiplied as they quickly eat through the grass supply inside their netted area.  Once a week, we net a new area and the chickens get fresh eating!!  They are also fed Kraut Creek Non-GMO chicken feed. 

In the past we have always raised two different breeds...Cornish Cross and Freedom Rangers.  We did the Cornish Cross ONLY because our processor will only cut white birds due to the hard bones in the heritage breeds.  Sadly, the Cornish Cross birds really don't do well when pastured.  They like to eat way too well and they grow so quickly that their legs don't hold out well. 

The Freedom Rangers did well on the pasture, but with them we couldn't offer cuts, only whole birds.  Their flavor is much better as well. 

This new Robust White has proven to be the perfect bird for what we do!  They are tough little things when little chicks...out of our 500 or so we lost only 1 or 2.  Amazing.  Then when out on pasture they had the agility of the Freedom Rangers with the faster growth of the Cornish Cross.  Win Win!!

We used to get complaints of 'tough' chicken.  We did extensive research as to why that would be happening and discovered that if we cool in a refrigerator for several days before sticking them in the freezer, the tough meat issue is no longer an issue!! We were delighted to discover that little 'trick'!  


We'd LOVE to have you check it out!!  Come on out to the farm store and try our chicken for yourself!