About Our Beef

100% Grassfed

Our calves are purchased from Jason's brother, Ivan, right here in Darke County, Ohio!  Ivan has a small herd of Lowline Angus cows that are crossed with a Hereford bull that was purchased out of a herd in Oklahoma.  This cross results in baldy calves that are the cutest you've ever seen!  The cows and bull are 100% grass fed in the summer and fed hay along with the stockpiled grass in the winter.

Likewise, the calves, once weaned from their mom's around a year old, are fed only grass and hay until the day they go to slaughter.  We believe that cattle were created by God to need only forage...no grain. 

The finished cattle are only considered 'finished' when eating green growing grass which is why we slaughter once in the late spring/early summer and again in the fall. 

The cattle are moved up to six times a day to ensure adequate weight gain, which in return ensures delicious meat! This is a very time consuming process...ensuring that the meat we sell is the best quality that we can produce.  We utilize a product called a Batt Latch (actually we have many of them).  This saves time in that Jason can set each of them to trip at the needed time in just minutes rather than making six trips to the pasture throughout the day.  Of course, there is still all the poly-braid to set which amounts to quite a lot of time a day. 

Our cattle are given no antibiotics and no hormones.  On the very rare occasion that one needs some medical attention, that steer/heifer is not sold through our store.  That animal will be taken to an auction.  We believe that by feeding our animals only what God intended...grass and hay, when needed... and by allowing them to live in the great outdoors rather than cooped up in a barn we can ensure very healthy, happy cattle who in turn give us delicious nutrient dense meat!